Regularly Scheduled Secure Document Shredding Services

The average total cost of an information breach can exceed more than $3.35M in lost customers, revenue, and fines. Protect yourself with secure document destruction services for less than you spend on coffee each month!1

1Source: IBM Security: Cost of a Data Breach Report 2020
An example of improperly disposed confidential information being discovered. Regularly scheduled paper shredding service prevents data and security risks.

Keeping confidential information confidential.

The most common way confidential information gets into the wrong hands is when it’s not handled appropriately. With Shred-it secure paper shredding services, all paper documents can go into our tamper-proof containers where the paper is destroyed and recycled, safely and securely. So, with a regularly-scheduled service, you’re not just protected on shredding day but every day.

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A knowledgeable Shredit team member conducting regularly scheduled paper shredding services.

Get the unique benefits of regularly scheduled paper shredding service.

  • Secure, locked containers in your office
  • Complimentary Workplace Privacy Policies
  • Regularly scheduled collections
  • State-of-the-art Secure Chain of Custody at every touchpoint
  • A Certificate of Destruction after every service
  • All shredded paper is securely recycled
Shred-it team member using technology to ensure accountability during paper shredding to ensure secure document destruction.

The Shred-it Protected Workplace

On their own, our products and services offer excellent protection from the risks of an information breach. But together they provide an integrated suite of services that helps ensure your workplace, your employees, and your customers are Shred-it Protected each and every day.

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Shred-it's better-than-industry tools for paper shredding services: barcode scanners, GPS tracked fleets, secure, monitored facilities.

Shred-it Secure Chain of Custody

Our better-than-industry standards start with our secure chain of custody protocols. We invest in the latest technologies to ensure end-to-end tracking of your documents:

  • Barcode scan at every touchpoint
  • Tamper-proof containers keep hands off documents
  • Locked trucks and secure containers keep documents safe in transit
  • GPS-tracked fleets
  • Secure, monitored facilities
A Shred-it team member completing a regularly scheduled paper shredding service with a Certificate of Destruction, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

Get Proof of Protection.

Following every paper shredding service, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction confirming that your material has been collected for secure destruction. More than peace of mind, your Certificate of Destruction assists in providing an audit trail, helping you to demonstrate your commitment to ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

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We arrive on the scheduled date, collect your confidential information, and securely destroy it.

Step 4

All services come with a Certificate of Destruction for your records.  All paper documents are securely recycled.

Paper Shredding Service

Secure document destruction service from the leader in information security.

Hard Drive & Media Destruction Service

Only physical destruction of digital media ensures confidential information stays confidential.

Speciality Shredding Service

From uniforms to identity cards, and more, our speciality shredding keeps you secure.

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