Secure bins for document shredding: what are they and why do I need them?

A secure shredding system needs to be used properly by all staff to make it effective in protecting your organisation’s sensitive data to prevent a breach. An important part of this process is to safely store this confidential data in a secure bin prior to shredding.
  • 43% - the number of small businesses which were without security policies in 2018 1
  • 50% - the number of Australian businesses which have a strong understanding of information protection laws 1
  • 72% - the number of small businesses which train staff on security procedures on an ad hoc basis
The business world has experienced a turbulent period marked by the mishandling of consumer data and growing concerns about privacy. Business leaders need to reassess how they protect their organisations from potential security risks and breaches. This includes having a professional shredding service that uses secure bins to transport sensitive data for shredding.

Businesses must ensure they not only have strict information security policies in place but that they also educate their workforce and ensure that employees have access to appropriate tools (e.g. secure bins) and protocols to implement the policies.

What does a data breach mean? 

Under Australian law, people can expect those holding personally identifiable information (PII), that relates to them, to protect it from misuse, interference, loss, and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. The impact of any loss or misappropriation of that data, a data breach, can be substantial, and will include but is not limited to: operational delays; investigation and remediation by an independent regulatory body; legal action; brand reputational damage; loss of consumer confidence and loss of revenue.

Secure bins and storing confidential information

Best practice guidelines for storing confidential information indicate keeping such data under lock and key in a secure bin prior to document shredding. After all, “confidential waste” is not confidential if it is thrown into an unsecured waste or recycling bin.

What should I look for when researching secure bins for shredding?

  • Lock systems used for added security and compliance
  • Custom finish options to fit in with the office environment
  • Range of optins for various applications e.g. paper, CDs, hard drives, pill bottles
  • Capacity and size
  • Top loading or front loading slots
  • Bar coded chain of custody

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