Document disposal - keeping confidential information safe and secure

Australia is known internationally for having an established and, although it is also one of the biggest per capita producers of waste. Much of this waste could contain sensitive data and the law dictates that this should be securely disposed of.
  • 5.6 million tonnes – the amount of paper and cardboard Australia generated in 2016-171
  • 2.9 tonnes – the amount of carbon emissions saved from one tonne of waste paper diverted from landfill2
  • 1.72 million tonnes – the amount of printing and writing paper Australians use each year3
Document disposal, especially by paper shredding, is required by law for many industries, including in the medical, government and legal sectors in Australia. Entities in these sectors have to keep personal information secure and maintain a paper trail of how confidential information has been stored and destroyed.
Audits to ensure are often undertaken, so, when choosing a provider, it is recommended to ensure that the shredding partner complies with the security practices and procedures established by National Association for Information Destruction (NAID).

NAID requirements and document disposal

Included in the NAID requirements are that the are and transported , turnaround time from collection to is stated, and the particle size for certain is made clear. This means the company has to follow certain procedures and should also issue a once the documents are disposed of. The Certificate serves as proof of in the event of an audit.

Document disposal and company reputation

Many organisations will have considered the issue of how best to handle and conveniently. This is being driven by regulations as well as by public opinion. There have been many cases across the world where company reputation has been destroyed as a result of a making headline news.
Partnering with a professional or company means your critical is being in a secure and manner, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Best practice tips: Implementing a procedure

  • Ensure there are secure bins conveniently located for easy document disposal
  • Have clear instructions of who to contact when the secure bins are full
  • Educate all staff on the importance of securely disposing of and destroying documents
  • Have clear guidelines as to what types of materials can be placed in a secure shred bin

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