Covid-19 FAQs

Can I pause my account during COVID-19?

Shred-it understands the challenges that have been brought about as a result of COVID-19. You can pause your account by getting in touch with one of our team on 1800 012 012 or We’re still operating in accordance with the latest government guidelines to ensure your safety, so as soon as you’re ready to resume your account you can do so by emailing

Can you provide document destruction services for employees working remotely?

Yes, Shred-it can protect your business and support employees working remotely. To do so, we can provide your remote workforce with secure, purpose-built white bags to store all confidential documents when they are no longer needed. Staff can them simply seal these bags and return them when they’re next in the office. You can then call us to arrange collection to securely destroy any confidential data, following our strict COVID-19 Service Processes.

How are Shred-it making sure customers stay safe during COVID-19?

At Shred-it, the health and welfare of our customers and staff is paramount. Our staff will always operate in-line with government guidelines, observing good hand-washing hygiene, maintaining the recommended level of social distancing and wearing the appropriate PPE. For more information, please view Shred-it’s COVID-19 Service Process.

Is Shred-it still operating and can I reactive my account?

Yes, Shred-it is still operating in accordance with the latest government guidelines. To reactivate your account, you can email or call 1800 012 012.

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