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Shred-it offers a dynamic work environment with plenty of opportunities for proactive, team-oriented people. Our company has entrepreneurial roots that continue to drive both culture and growth, creating an environment that’s both demanding and rewarding. In other words, we have high expectations of our people, but we recognise hard work and good ideas.

Shred-it’s a great place to build a career

People like working here. They enjoy the challenges, and thrive in an atmosphere of respect and innovation. It’s an exciting, interesting high-energy place to work, with a dynamic structure and plenty of opportunities for professional growth. You can move up, move around, and really learn and grow. As an international, high-growth company, our ongoing expansion means there are always new and exciting roles being created. We do recruit from outside the company to bring in new skills and ideas, but we’re also committed to promoting from within.

Shred-it’s team approach

At Shred-it we’re a team. And that means we don’t have endless “layers” of bosses and subordinates just a lean structure where everyone genuinely contributes. It means anyone is welcome to contact the executives to discuss their ideas. And it means we value and respect our fellow employees and the contributions they make to our overall success.

Shred-it values your ideas

Our entrepreneurial roots are part of our culture. So we make a real effort to foster an environment where people try new things and are open to new ideas. Whether you’re a Customer Security Representative, an accountant, or a VP, if you have a good idea, we want to hear it.

Be part of Shred-it’s industry-leading team

When it comes to document destruction and information security, Shred-it is the industry leader. And there’s a reason we’re at the forefront of the industry: our commitment to innovation and customer service. For example, we have developed some of the world’s most advanced shredding technology, putting us way ahead of the competition. Plus, we are always looking for ways to better serve our customers. But enough about us…

We want to know about you

Working at Shred-it takes a strong skill set and a friendly, people-focused personality.

Our people are:

  • Caring and respectful
  • Smart and committed
  • Innovative and creative
  • Willing to share ideas and take risks
  • Looking to develop their careers in a growing industry

Shred-it is an Equal Employment Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer that values diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace. Women, minorities, individuals with disabilities and veterans are encouraged to apply.

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