Why is Paper Recycling Important to Businesses and the Environment?

Posted  June 03, 2022  by  Jenny Green


We may be living in a digital world, but paper is still an everyday necessity that most businesses use both at home and in the office. Therefore, ensuring your business and employees are carrying out paper recycling correctly in line with privacy legislation, and in a secure manner, is essential for the environment and your business.

Paper Recycling in Australia

More than ever, ensuring that your business is carrying out paper recycling properly is vital for the sake of both your business and the environment. Globally, humans are producing a vast amount of waste from many different areas, such as from industry, the home, and technology. And between 2018 and 2019, Australia generated 75.8 million tonnes of waste, and only 9% of that waste was recycled while 84% ended up in landfill. [1]
With the amount of waste that Australia is producing increasing by about 10% every year, it is time for businesses to take action into their own hands and ensure that everyone within the business is securely recycling. [2] By making sure that your business is paper recycling correctly, you can help to lessen the amount of waste that Australia is producing, and contribute to creating a greener and more sustainable office environment.

Paper Recycling with Shred-it

Secure and effective paper recycling can be ensured with our industry-leading paper recycling services. Although paper recycling is beneficial for the environment, simply recycling your confidential documents is not secure enough.
Often businesses will recycle their confidential documents in a general paper recycling bin, however, whether this bin is inside, outside, or being transported to the recycling plant, a number of people outside of your organisation have access to your confidential documents at any point in the paper recycling process. While the recycling bin process benefits the environment, it repeatedly exposes confidential information and potentially risks a data breach.
As part our One-off Paper Shredding Service and Regularly Paper Shredding Service, we follow a six step security protocol to help keep confidential information safe every step of the way. We require a barcode scan at every touchpoint to track our chain of custody and our employees regularly undergo rigorous training to learn how to carry out secure shredding and paper recycling effectively.
Our fleets are also GPS-tracked so we know where your documents are, and we lock our containers and trucks to keep information safe in transit. Our secure, monitored facilities help protect your information before it’s destroyed. When the process is finished, we provide customers a Certificate of Destruction.

How does Paper Recycling Help the Environment?

Some may question, how does paper recycling the environment? There are several benefits to paper recyclingthat are advantageous to the environment as well as to businesses:
  1. Reduces Energy and Water Consumption: Energy and water are used in most processes, however, paper recycling uses less energy and water than creating completely new paper from trees. 
  2. Decreases Landfill Waste: Globally, paper makes up 26% of landfills due to paper not being recycled correctly. [3] Therefore, by ensuring to carry out paper recycling, your business will not be contributing to the ever-growing landfill issue.
  3. Reduces Greenhouse Gases: Paper recycling helps to reduce greenhouse gases in a number of ways. Firstly, trees intake CO2 that contributes to the building greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. Secondly, by paper recycling, emissions from machines and vehicles that would normally need to cut down more trees will decrease as less paper will be needed. And finally, pollution from paper mills will also be reduced through a lack of need for more paper.
The benefits above highlight just a few reasons why paper recycling is important for the environment, and through Shred-it's services, we can ensure that your confidential data is recycled with our trusted partners and securely destroyed.

For more information, please get in touch today to see how our services can protect your company, customers, and employees.

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