Access to Information Day an Opportunity to Reflect on Right to Data Protection

Posted  September 03, 2018  by  Jenny Green

Thursday 28 September is Access to Information Day — an event designed to encourage you to explore your right to access government held information. Shred-it joins in acknowledging and celebrating 35 years of your right to know.

All Australians have the right to access government documents under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act). This Act provides a mechanism to scrutinise the operation of Government agencies and Ministers — you can request access to documents that show how decisions were made, and what information was used to make them.

Alongside the right to know is a crucial right to be confident that your own personal data is protected.  Businesses, organisations and Government at all levels need to be aware of their responsibilities in terms of managing and securely storing and disposing of information of individuals.

The recent Security Tracker Report 2018 shows that people have high expectations and will alter their decisions about who to do business with based on their capacity to protect personal information.

As initiatives such as Access to Information Day, the National Data Breaches Scheme and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) place an, ever greater, focus on the use and storage of personal information, people are increasingly likely to ask questions of the organisations that hold their information.  Business, government and other organisations need to be prepared to respond with strong policies and processes for securely managing, storing and destroying that information.

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