The Importance of Data Protection

Posted  May 03, 2022  by  Jenny Green


Australia data retention laws are put in place to ensure that your data meets retention periods, but businesses also need to internally maintain and store their documents for optimal data protection.

It is good practice to have company data retention policies in place to prevent data breaches.

What is the Purpose of Data Retention Policies?

Australia has several data retention policies in place which businesses and individuals must follow to ensure data security.
When it comes to the duration of retention periods, this will vary between documents, but retention periods typically range between two and seven years.[1] However, we always recommend that you follow the latest government policies and legislation to ensure compliance.
To store confidential documents securely, businesses can use one or more of the following storage solutions:

Traditional Storage

Traditional storage is when you archive documents by filing them away in a cabinet on-site. On-site storage comes with some measures to follow, such as ensuring you invest in appropriate equipment that is secure.

Digital Storage

Digital storage is archiving documents digitally and is fantastic for saving space as there is no need for paper file storage.
Australia data retention laws can be met by utilising various storage methods, but businesses must remember to use data destruction services to keep their documents confidential.

What is a data destruction policy?

Once you have met all data retention policies and GDPR guidelines, your business may still be left with documents and files, whether in traditional paper form or digital, taking up unnecessary space in the office and on hard drives.
Some businesses may fall into the trap of thinking that simply deleting or wiping a hard drive is secure enough, or that recycling documents is also meeting data destruction criteria. However, these methods are not always secure and could eventually lead to a data breach.
Data breaches do not just affect the company, they also affect staff, customers, and other stakeholders. So, it is vital that a data breach is avoided, and this can be achieved with a data destruction policy.
A data destruction policy is a type of policy that ensures that your company is taking steps to manage and securely destroy documentation which is no longer required to be kept. Implementing a data destruction policy will assist in ensuring the security of your company, staff, and customers’ confidential information. Shred-it can offer our industry-leading data destruction services to help you keep your data secure.

Secure Data Destruction Services

Knowing how to protect data is a key process for any business, and we can assist in ensuring that your data, whether it is on paper or stored digitally, is safely destroyed, helping to prevent a data breach.

Paper Shredding Services

Our One-off Paper Shred Service will help you to declutter any non-essential documents so you only keep documents required under data retention policies.

Our One-off Paper Shredding Service can work for many businesses, but larger operations may often need a more regular service. This is where our Regularly Scheduled Paper Shredding Service can prove cost-effective and help your confidential information stay secure.

Hard Drive Destruction

Hard drives don’t have infinite storage, and similar to when you retain paper, you don’t want your confidential documents falling into the wrong hands.
Shred-it's Hard Drive Destruction Services are specifically designed to destroy your hard drives so that data can never be retrieved or reconstructed.
Our methods assist you in ensuring that your business’s data destruction policies are met in a secure and environmentally friendly manner. By following data retention policies and using data destruction services, the chances of your business falling victim to a cyberattack and data breach will be minimised.

For more information, please get in touch today to see how our services can protect your company, customers, and employees.

[1] Grondal Bruining

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